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With the Sioux Falls Womans Life Section, you will get a taste of what's happening in and around Sioux Falls!   Our calendar of events will keep you on top of the current happenings. You’ll find classes and workshops, along with concerts, fundraisers, and loads of entertainment. We’ll report back on events we attend and share our experiences. You’ll feel like you were there! Want to see some really cute kids?  Our Sugar & Spice sections highlights some of the Sioux Empires finest photographers as they capture kids at their best!  


Keep up to date with the hottest styles for the season all year round.

Sioux Falls Womans Style Section will keep you up-to-date on the latest fashion and hair trends in Sioux Falls and around the world!  From Updos to boots, we've got you covered!  We profile some old favorites as well as some new places to dine.  Dining in?  We feature fun and easy recipes for you and your family that will be sure to please.


In our very popular Where To Shop section, we highlight what's new and "hot-in-the-shops".  Planning a weekend get-away, or a bucket-list trip of a lifetime?  We've got some great ideas for your next romantic get-away or family vacation with our Travelogue features.


Bon Appétit!


We are always full of new flavors and tasty recipes. Cheers!


Our Home Section offers our readers a chance to go inside some of Sioux Falls' finest homes. It's a guided tour and behind-the-scenes showcase featuring some of the best homebuilders in the area. We will also keep you up to date on home and decorating trends, old and new.


In our "About The House" articles, you will find new and innovative ways to turn your house into a living space as unique as you are! From outdoor living spaces & landscaping to how to find ways of saving money on your energy bills, we will provide information and articles to help you.

Health & Fitness.

From allergies to x-rays, migraines to menopause, the Sioux Falls Womans Health Section will keep you informed on the latest health news and fitness trends you need to know to live a happy and healthy lifestyle.


Our Profile Section brings you stories of women who are making a difference in our community. In every issue of Sioux Falls Woman, we feature stories of people you know, or that you may want to get to know.  Volunteers, entrepreneurs and business owners with unique stories to share. From our Cover Feature to the latest "What's New", our Profiles section of Sioux Falls Woman Magazine will keep you informed.

Do you know someone who has a story our readers should know about?  


We would love to hear about it! We also welcome any article topics, comments or suggestions you may have to make Sioux Falls Woman Magazine even better!

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Do You Have A Story idea...

or someone in Sioux Falls you know who has a great story to tell?


We'd like to hear it! We are always looking for new and inspired stories to share with our readers! Here is your chance  to help bring the stories of Sioux Falls women to life.  Our Editor would like to hear from you!  Please send us a brief description about your article idea or topic you like to see in the pages of Sioux Falls Woman magazine.  We are even open to new ideas and article topics!


Click on the box at the bottom of this page and share your ideas with us! Who knows? Maybe your article could be printed in the magazine!


Do you know someone who has a story our readers should know about?  We would love to hear about it!  

We also welcome any article topics, comments or suggestions you may have to make Sioux Falls Woman Magazine even better!

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